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Lexmoto Gladiator 125
125cc 4 Stroke

This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Gladiator 125 Overview

Other Information
Model Code :
Insurance Group :
Fuel Consumption :
100.89 mpg
About the Lexmoto Gladiator 125

The Lexmoto Gladiator is a performer. Whether it is cruising the city streets or negotiating the country lanes the Gladiator has been a model that has stood as the cornerstone of the Lexmoto range. The success of the Gladiator has been in combining a versatile reliable motor as part of a package that remains affordable to new riders. With a loyal following of riders already the Gladiator continues to go from strength to strength!

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Last updated: Oct 25, 2016

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This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Gladiator 125 Specifications

Max Speed :
82 kph
Max Power :
5.5Kw @ 7000rpm
Max Load :
150 kg
Engine and Transmission
Engine Size :
125 cc
Engine Type:
Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Air Cooled
Engine Brand :
Transmission Type :
Gear Type :
Twist and Go
Drive Type :
Start System :
Electric / Kick Start
Ignition Type :
Battery Voltage :
Battery Capacity :
Wheel, Suspension and Brakes
Front Tyre :
Rear Tyre :
Front Suspension :
Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension :
Single Shock Absorber
Front Brake :
Rear Brake :
Seat Height :
820 mm
Wheelbase :
1380 mm
Overall Length :
1983 mm
Overall Width :
683 mm
Overall Height :
1110 mm

This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Gladiator 125 Technical Data

Model Information
Speedo Type
Odometer Reading
Engine Type
125 cc
4 Stroke
Valves per cylinder
Air Cooled
Valve Clearances
Exhaust Valve (Imperial)
6 thou
Inlet Valve (Imperial)
4 thou
Exhaust Valve (Metric)
0.15 mm
Inlet Valve (Metric)
0.10 mm
Fuel System
Carburettor Type
Main Jet
Carburettor Brand
Timing and Ignition
Spark Plug
Spark Plug Resistance
Static Timing
13°±2° before TDC
HT Coil Primary Resistance
0.1 - 1.0 ohm
HT Coil Secondary Resistance (with cap)
7-12 k-ohms
HT Coil Secondary Resistance
3-5 k-ohms
Gear Ratios
Power Output
Rated Max. Power
5.3 kW
7000 min-1
Handling and Suspension
Fork Oil Volume
80 ml per leg
Fork Oil Grade
Brake Fluid Grade
Engine Oil Grade
SAE 10W-40
Engine Oil Volume
800 ml
Gearbox Oil Grade
Gearbox Oil Volume
110 ml
Engine Settings
Idle Speed
1700±100 min-1
Bore x Stroke
52.4mm x 57.8mm
Compression Ratio
Norm. Compression
130 psi
Tyre Pressures
Front Tyre
29 psi
Rear Tyre
36 psi

This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Gladiator 125 Gallery

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This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Gladiator 125 360° View

No flash
This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Gladiator 125 Media

Lexmoto Gladiator 125

Lexmoto Gladiator 125

Published Sep 24, 2013
Reproduced courtesy of

Scooter Range 2011 Wallpaper

Scooter Range 2011

This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Gladiator 125 Reviews

The Gladiator is my First ever bike so I have put some pros and con below:
Pros: Nice big size for scooter,
Handles well,
Decent speed,
Nice looking scooter,
Good leg protection from wind.

cons: Rubber footplate the rain keeps getting under and water getting in to Battery compartment, duct tape around battery cover helped a lot.
Headlight bulbs are too weak but easily replaced with better ones.

I really like the Gladiator would recommend the Gladiator

Submitted Feb 7, 2016
by Tony merseyside

My bike that I have now had since October 2014 is amazing. This bike is my first bike. I use it to commute back and forth work every day and the occasional social run.

The bike runs upto 75 miles per hour and has some amazing qualities not found on other bikes I viewed prior to choosing lexmotto.

It has a glove box, I store my mobile and other things here. It's not a lot of space but not many bikes have glove boxes.

I also find that the seat is of amazing comfort, which is a plus considering you will spend all of your time riding on it.

Underseat storage holds my bike lock and chain, bike cover and other things I may need.

Having a top box is essential, however the mount is unusual and I have found not a lot of top boxes fit on this mount.

The mat on the floor of the bike is not of great design as I found out when riding in the rain. Water managed to pour under the mat and into the battery compartment where I had to replace the battery due to water damage (I keep a small tea towl under the mat to ensure this doesn't become a future issue, which you cannot notice).

The main headlight on this bike is not as bright as many other bikes and 2 months after using the bike the left indicator stopped working, I later discovered it was not a faulty light but a lose wire that I had to tighten up.

Now 4 months on and my engine had started to make a banging and popping sound making the bike unusable. I have had it sent to the local garage who informed me the exhaust studs had came lose and one broken off costing me £175 to repair.

Overall the bike is fantastic and many of the flaws may be a result of the merchant selling the vehicle to me as they build to order, meaning this may be an isolated incident.

This bike has done me well and hear in the UK, South Wales insurance cost me £54.56 per month with MCE and the road TAX is £17.00

Thanks for reading and thank you lexmoto for a good bike.

Submitted Jan 5, 2015
by Keith L Barry, Vale Of Glamorgan, Wales, United Kingdom

Having read the earlier review I bought my Leximoto Gladiator in early November, and although have yet done less than 150 km I am very pleased with my purchase.

The bike has a very comfortable riding position and leg protection from the wind - the seat itself is also very comfortable regardless off miles ridden.
It feels very sturdy on road and engine-wise the acceleration is excellent with a lovely sporty roar from the exhaust. It handles the steepest hills with ease and is very responsive from the throttle.
Nice looking bike which has attracted many a comment. Underseat storage is also very usefull.

Well done Lexmoto on producing an excellent machine.

Submitted Nov 18, 2013
by Mark Cornwall

I bought my Lexmoto Gladiator from Speedway motorcycles in Cannock, with a Lextek top box fitted it came to £1089 OTR with 3 years unlimited mileage warranty (providing I had it serviced by them at the correct intervals). They're a nice and friendly enough bunch, the showroom is basic and not luxurious, but it's clean and adequate. Right now their building is being expanded due to rapidly increasing sales (probably down to the current absurd level of fuel prices).
I actually went to view a Pulse Lightspeed but the Lexmoto Gladiator stood out for me as a better finish (if less sports styled machine than the latter). So... it's a nice looking scooter (probably not for the 'boy racer' but I have a motorbike for that!), and it is physically larger than most other commonly available Chinese 125s. This was a positive as far as I'm concerned as I was looking for something with decent wet weather protection for the legs and that was also comfortable enough for a 16 mile commute. As soon as I got it home I fitted a Universal Perspex screen (£25 from CMPO) to add further spray protection, secured to the mirror bosses it wobbles a bit but works fine.

Overall the build quality is reasonable, I've found one or two little niggles with a couple of missing self tappers but nothing too serious up to now.

I'll try to be fair so here are my negatives...
Lack of a trip on the speedo makes working out mpg a pain!
Speedo (like all Chinese scooters) is way out and VERY optimistic (checked with Satnav)
Underseat storage not large enough, won't take a helmet!
Front indicators could do with improving, they're a little hard to see in broad daylight.
No passing switch to flash headlights.
Tungsten bulbs are OK for daytime use but pretty poor at night (Halogens on order!)
The side stand, like all Chinese Scooters, self retracts and would be better if it stayed down "motorbike" style. (looking at a possible mod for that!)
Handbook provided is generic and has little info of any use.
All of the above said, had I have paid more attention when browsing at the dealers I would have found these areas before purchase.

Would I have still purchased the Lexmoto Gladiator? Yes, without question!

I fitted some self adhesive high intensity LED strips front and back for enhanced visibility (ebay £5 the lot!), coupled with a high viz Caberg Konda helmet for added safety.
Fitted with the ubiquitous GY6 engine the bike cruises at 50 mph (Satnav indicated) fairly easily and I have to say that once or twice I've found myself going a bit faster than that without realising it! Pretty impressive for a 125 with a screen and 17 stones aboard! The seat is comfortable, and the riding position hasn't caused me any aches or pains up to now. The front hydraulic disc brake works reasonably well but isn't as effective as I thought it would be, however although the rear brake is a cable operated drum it works well and is less prone to snatching, overall using the two brakes together stops the bike nicely. Handling is good and the bike feels good when you lean it in to a corner. As for reliability, I haven't really owned the bike long enough to comment.

So am I pleased with my purchase? A resounding YES!
I love it! The Lexmoto Gladiator has made my trips to and from work a pleasure instead of the pain they used to be sitting in a tin box in an endless queue of stationary traffic!
I foresee the Lexmoto Gladiator becoming the most used vehicle on my driveway without question.

Would I recommend it? Absoloutely.
Thinking of taking the plunge?  Go on, do it!!!

Submitted Jun 22, 2012
by Dave Edwards Staffordshire

This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Gladiator 125 Downloads

Lexmoto Gladiator Brochure

Lexmoto Gladiator Brochure

Created: Jan 28, 2013
Size: 748 KB
Lexmoto 2012 Range

Lexmoto 2012 Range

Created: Jan 11, 2012
Size: 6.3 MB

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