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Lexmoto Vixen 125
125cc 4 Stroke

This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Vixen 125 Overview

Other Information
Model Code :
Fuel Tank Capacity :
12.5 Litres
About the Lexmoto Vixen 125

The Lexmoto Vixen portrays the essence of riding a motorcycle. The chrome reflects the world around you as you pass through its routes, wherever your adventure is taking you. An easy to ride model with a smooth riding experience generated by the large stable wheels The Lexmoto vixen has been popular with both new riders and born again bikers alike. Combining a reliable 4t motor with a practical and efficient design the Vixen offers fantastic value for those looking to add a bit of style to their ride.

This product was added at 1:40pm on Saturday 03 February 2007
Last updated: Oct 23, 2016

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This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Vixen 125 Specifications

Max Speed :
90 kph
Max Power :
Max Torque :
Engine and Transmission
Engine Size :
125 cc
Engine Type:
Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Air Cooled
Bore x Stroke :
Compression Ratio :
Gear Type :
1 Down - 4 Up
Clutch Type :
Hand Operated
Drive Type :
Start System :
Electric / Kick Start
Ignition Type :
Battery Voltage :
Battery Capacity :
Wheel, Suspension and Brakes
Front Tyre :
3.25-18-4pr 225kpa
Rear Tyre :
100/90-16-4pr 225kpa
Tyre Model :
Front Suspension :
Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension :
Twin Shock Absorber
Front Brake :
Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake :
Seat Height :
770 mm
Wheelbase :
1350 mm
Overall Length :
2070 mm
Overall Width :
860 mm
Overall Height :
1140 mm

This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Vixen 125 Technical Data

Model Information
Speedo Type
Odometer Reading
Engine Type
125 cc
4 Stroke
Valves per cylinder
Air Cooled
Parking options
Centre and Side stand
Valve Clearances
Exhaust Valve (Imperial)
6 thou
Inlet Valve (Imperial)
4 thou
Exhaust Valve (Metric)
0.15 mm
Inlet Valve (Metric)
0.10 mm
Fuel System
Carburettor Type
Main Jet
Pilot Jet
Carburettor Brand
Needle Jet
Needle Jet Type
Timing and Ignition
Spark Plug
Spark Plug Resistance
Static Timing
15°±2° before TDC
Power Output
Rated Max. Power
7.2 kW
8500 min-1
Handling and Suspension
Fork Oil Volume
170 ml per leg
Fork Oil Grade
Brake Fluid Grade
Engine Oil Grade
SAE 10W-40
Engine Oil Volume
1000 ml
Engine Settings
Idle Speed
1400±100 min-1
Bore x Stroke
56.5mm x 49.5mm
Compression Ratio
Norm. Compression
130 psi
Tyre Pressures
Front Tyre
32 psi
Rear Tyre
32 psi
Front Sprocket
15 T
Rear Sprocket
42 T
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This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Vixen 125 Gallery

** Pictures are for illustration purposes only

This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Vixen 125 Media

Lexmoto Vixen 125

Lexmoto Vixen 125

Published Sep 10, 2015
Reproduced courtesy of

Lexmoto Vixen 125 Wallpaper

Lexmoto Vixen 125

Motorcycle Range 2011 Wallpaper

Motorcycle Range 2011

This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Vixen 125 Reviews

bought second hand
good runner starts well
you need to be handy doing maintenance but do not believe what you hear about Chinese bikes.
they are good value for money and parts are easy to get on-line.
excellent fuel economy £10 fills tank and lasts me a month
500 km to a tank usually.

local dealership could be better they do not seen to be bothered.

service direct from Chinese spares is fantastic as parts ordered usually arrive next day service.

i cant fault the service ive received.

Submitted Dec 16, 2015
by Kev yo Nottinghamshire

I Bought this bike second hand from Needhams on woolaton road.
The price was good and Mr Needham was Very Helpful.
I rode my bike for 11 months with no issues.
you will need to be a bit handy with the tool box and have periodic servicing done if not.
I have serviced my bike all the time I have owned it.
no problem getting spares either from Bennits or off the main Dealership.
All in all a good starter bike and mileage is extremely good
e.g 400 km to a tank of petrol almost a months driving for me.

Submitted May 11, 2015
by Kevin Nottinghamshire

Had my bike a couple of months now. Bought it from Shropshire Motorcycles (great team),very helpful & knowledgeable. Recommend them & the bike to anyone.

Submitted May 16, 2014
by Richard Shropshire

Just wanted to say that the Lexmoto Vixen is my first ever bike at the grand old age of 44 and I love both the biking and the bike.

I just smile away to myself under my helmet every time I am on my bike, I have ditched the car and use the bike to commute to work which sees me doing about 200 miles a week. The MPG I get combined with the sheer joy of riding makes my day.

I love the look of the bike and, although I only have the bike I sat my CBT on as comparison, the handling is fantastic.

Can't praise my little Lexmoto enough

Submitted Sep 25, 2013
by Billy McRobb Penicuik, Scotland

I bought a Lexmoto Vixen from Bike Smart in Aberdeen and took possesion of it on the 29th of September 2011.

Date of writing this review 18th November.
Distance covered 3000km
I use it a lot, and every day.
I think I average about 60km per day on it.

No problems at all. Its an easy bike to ride, comfortable and straight forward.
I have had it at around 60 mph but the engine is starting to loosen up now and the top speed of the bike I think would be about 65mph, maybe a bit more.
Not sure about fuel consumption as I just fill it up every 200km when it needs about 7 quid to fill it up again.
The tank is 2.75 gallons so I think that means I get about 120 mpg. Not bad.
I have added a screen to mine and it looks the business.

The dealer - Bike Smart, King Street in Aberdeen are excellent and both times my bike has been serviced I borrowed a Lexmoto Street which is also a very good bike.
My bike hasnt needed anything replaced.
Nothing has fallen off it at all and I rather doubt the integrity of some of the reviews I have read about the Vixen - unless of course the bukes concerned were not built properly or not built by authorised qualified people.
Overall I am a happy enough bunny and I would recommend a Vixen as a great buy for anyone as long as its bought from an authorised dealer and not some pretend mechanic!

Here is a picture of my Vixen, her name is Emmie and this pic is pre-screen!

Lexmoto Vixen review by Jim Stewart

Submitted Nov 21, 2011
by Jim Stewart Aberdeen

I bought a Lexmoto Vixen from Premier Motor Cycles in Southampton in May 2010. I had a larger rear sproket put on which reduced my RPM but retained my top speed.I have done 10km on it so far and it is great. I am averaging 130k to the gallon so I am over the moon at that. I would recommend a Lexmoto Vixen to anyone who is after a commuter bike.

Submitted Oct 9, 2012
by Tom Burgess West Sussex

I have had my Lexmoto Vixen for 2 months now. The first thing that struck me was the simplicity and smoothness of the clutch and gears.
Comparing with the older bike I had used on my CBT, the Lexmoto Vixen was much easier to ride. So far I have encountered no malfunctions or errors with the bike. I have managed to get just over 60mph on it too. I use my Lexmoto Vixen for commuting back and forth from work and on the weekends. I do around 50 miles a week and barely have to fill up the tank. The MPG is great. My insurance was low the bike its self is fun and brilliant to ride.

I have called her Lexi

Submitted Apr 22, 2013
by Adam Shields Bolton

This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Vixen 125 Downloads

Lexmoto Vixen Brochure

Lexmoto Vixen Brochure

Created: Oct 3, 2013
Size: 630 KB
Lexmoto 2012 Range

Lexmoto 2012 Range

Created: Jan 11, 2012
Size: 6.3 MB
Wiring Diagram for 125cc Motorcycles with AC Ignition

Wiring Diagram for 125cc Motorcycles with AC Ignition

Created: May 19, 2015
Size: 222 KB
Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram

Created: Sep 5, 2012
Size: 1 MB

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