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Lexmoto Street 125
125cc 4 Stroke

This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Street 125 Overview

Other Information
Model Code :
Fuel Tank Capacity :
13 Litres
About the Lexmoto Street 125

At long last, a stylish and affordable option for motorcycle lovers. Large and robust enough to cope with everyday demands and weekend pursuits, the Street looks and feels every part a serious commuting option that’s very pleasing to the eye. A massive fuel tank means petrol-station hopping is a thing of the past and with its smooth 5-speed transmission from the overhead cam engine, this model is perfect for those new to the world of motorcycles, as well as those considering moving onto something bigger in the future.

This product was added at 2:56pm on Tuesday 20 January 2009
Last updated: Oct 26, 2016

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This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Street 125 Specifications

Max Speed :
104 kph
Max Power :
7.9kw @ 8500rpm
Max Load :
150 kg
Engine and Transmission
Engine Size :
124 cc
Engine Type:
Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Air Cooled
Engine Brand :
Transmission Type :
Gear Type :
1 Down - 4 Up
Clutch Type :
Hand Operated
Drive Type :
Start System :
Electric Start
Ignition Type :
Battery Voltage :
Battery Capacity :
Wheel, Suspension and Brakes
Front Tyre :
Rear Tyre :
Tyre Model :
Front Suspension :
Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension :
Twin Shock Absorber
Front Brake :
Rear Brake :
Seat Height :
820 mm
Wheelbase :
1330 mm
Overall Length :
2050 mm
Overall Width :
720 mm
Overall Height :
1085 mm

This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Street 125 Technical Data

Model Information
Speedo Type
Odometer Reading
Engine Type
125 cc
4 Stroke
Valves per cylinder
Air Cooled
Valve Clearances
Exhaust Valve (Imperial)
4 thou
Inlet Valve (Imperial)
4 thou
Exhaust Valve (Metric)
0.10 mm
Inlet Valve (Metric)
0.10 mm
Timing and Ignition
Handling and Suspension
Fork Oil Volume
170 ml per leg
Fork Oil Grade
Brake Fluid Grade
Engine Oil Grade
SAE 10W-40
Engine Oil Volume
950 ml
Engine Settings
Idle Speed
1450±100 min-1
Bore x Stroke
57mm x 48.8mm
Compression Ratio
Norm. Compression
135 psi
Tyre Pressures
Front Tyre
25 psi
Rear Tyre
33 psi
Front Sprocket
13 T
Rear Sprocket
41 T
120 Links

This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Street 125 Gallery

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This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Street 125 360° View

No flash
This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Street 125 Media

Lexmoto Street 125

Lexmoto Street 125

Published Nov 1, 2009
Reproduced courtesy of

Lexmoto Street 125 Wallpaper

Lexmoto Street 125

Motorcycle Range 2011 Wallpaper

Motorcycle Range 2011

This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Street 125 Reviews

my bike looking good now its black

DFE125-8A review

Submitted Jul 24, 2015
by nick craven west yorkshire

my bike is minter now spent loads of money on it

Submitted Jul 24, 2015
by nick craven west yorkshire

Hello again. Ready to comment further.
One week of ownership and 260 km on the clock. Yes, Kilometres. I never spotted this until I realised the distance from A to B was much longer than I thought! (Mind you, I did spot this within 30 miles, sorry kilometres.) That said, it means keeping to the service schedules is easier, as they are easier to follow in km, and you can assess your bike in Euro terms. 'My bike hit 80' sounds great. 'Top speed, over a ton' (in kilometres). Its not really a lie!!!
A week later, my 1st service is due! Suggest you estimate it when you pick up the bike to avoid having to wait. 190 miles is not much when you are having fun.
It is too early to comment on any niggles, but the "run in" is important. The bike feels tight and tells you to keep it smooth. I know it will gradually reveal more and the engine can rev over 5000 rpm, soon! Only going at 40 mph is a problem, but one that is short-lived.
I recommend you own the road, take your space, and live with anyone who you annoy by not going fast enough.

Going from bigger bikes, I am not disappointed. In town, this is already fabulous, it is only the 50 or 70 areas that it is wanting. If you live in London or intend this bike to live in any city, this is a no brainer from day 1. For the rest of us, patience I believe will pay off.

I am knocking on 50, have no no claims discount on bikes in the past 2 years and destroyed a door on my car unassisted! Yet I managed to get an insurance quote for £55 TPFT. I cannot name the insurer, but their application and quote was simples! Oops.

This is seriously cheap biking. I do not intend to use the bike in winter, so hopefully will not expose the bike to salt. Regardless, you can take sure of the bike by looking at several websites.

Will report soon.
Ride safe.

Submitted Aug 20, 2012
by Paul Neilson Irvine, Ayrshire

I have been away from biking for a few years. My last bike being a Ducati 750SS!
I considered a BMW G650GS as my return bike, but then saw a Lexmoto Street 125 at a main japanese bike dealership. Needless to say, their price caught my eye.
It very quickly became a case of; do i spend £6k or just over £1K? The latter prevailed...
There is some pretty significant variation in pricing from dealers and I would recommend shopping about within reason. For me it has meant a difference of £220 and a dealer I know has a great interest in helping the brand and growing his business by being fair. The O.T.R price of £1180 also included a full tank of fuel! As I bought the Lexmoto with the biggest tank, I feel this was a great move. Servicing will be around £35 per interval, my 1983 bike was more expensive!
I hope Lexmoto publish this because I do hope that living with this bike will prove that size is not important and that the key is love of the
machine, even if it has quirks.
The quirks for me? Running in..this is a small engine and 65mph is pretty full on. So easy does it for a few km. 65mph?, now there's another challenge and one I will be happy to report on hereafter. My first bike did the same and I loved every minute of owning it. So whether this will be your first bike, or a return, I hope I can continue to report on a machine I hope will make me smile every time I step on and off.
So far Andy Mathieson at the Lexmoto dealership in Irvine has been a star. Enthusiastic, a biker, and I believe someone who knows that doing the right thing gets him business.
Keep safe.

Submitted Aug 14, 2012
by Paul Neilson Irvine, Ayrshire

I have owned the Lexmoto 125 Street for nearly a year, and to report a fab buy! Cheap as chips to run, 1/3rd of the price of the equivelent Yamaha (YBR 125), very enjoyable and reliable too with helpfull online parts service
Many thanks

Submitted Jun 1, 2013
by Philip Downs Kent

I recently purchased a Lexmoto Street 125 and I am quite a big guy, and was worried about whether the engine would be man enough to pull my weight, which what I thought would be a problem was not. I have now run the vehicle in and find the Lexmoto Street 125 street a very good and reliable commuter motorcycle. It handles very well and I am extremely pleased with it and would recommend to anyone.
Great bike.

Submitted Jun 10, 2013
by Stewart Lambert Lincolnshire

This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Lexmoto Street 125 Downloads

Lexmoto 2012 Range

Lexmoto 2012 Range

Created: Jan 11, 2012
Size: 6.3 MB
Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram

Created: May 19, 2015
Size: 223 KB

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