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Pulse Scout 49
49cc 4 Stroke

This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Pulse Scout 49 Overview

Other Information
Model Code :
Fuel Tank Capacity :
6.5 Litres
About the Pulse Scout 49

The success of the scout is down to its simplicity. A clean design and easy to ride experience have been the foundations that has made the Pulse Scout the UK`s top selling 50cc scooter year after year! A tried and tested model, The Scout features substantial build quality and reliability for a fraction of the price of its European and Japanese rivals. With a smooth 4 stroke engine this is a perfect introduction for beginners whilst being dependable enough to satisfy experienced moped riders alike. Thousands of people have called the Scout their first bike and even more have enjoyed its unbeatable value. Will you be the next?

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Last updated: Oct 23, 2016

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This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Pulse Scout 49 Specifications

Max Speed :
45 kph
Max Power :
2.61kw at 8000 rpm
Max Torque :
3.45Nm @ 6500 rpm
Max Load :
240 kg
Carrier Front Max Load :
Carrier Rear Max Load :
Engine and Transmission
Engine Size :
49.5 cc
Engine Type:
Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Air Cooled
Engine Brand :
Bore x Stroke :
39 x 41.4mm
Compression Ratio :
Gear Type :
Twist and Go
Drive Type :
Start System :
Electric / Kick Start
Ignition Type :
Battery Voltage :
Battery Capacity :
Wheel, Suspension and Brakes
Front Tyre :
3.50 x 10
Rear Tyre :
3.50 x 10
Tyre Model :
Front Suspension :
Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension :
Single Shock Absorber
Front Brake :
Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake :
Seat Height :
740 mm
Wheelbase :
1210 mm
Overall Length :
1660 mm
Overall Width :
663 mm
Overall Height :
1100 mm

This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Pulse Scout 49 Technical Data

Model Information
Speedo Type
Odometer Reading
Engine Type
49 cc
4 Stroke
Valves per cylinder
Air Cooled
Valve Clearances
Exhaust Valve (Imperial)
4 thou
Inlet Valve (Imperial)
2 thou
Exhaust Valve (Metric)
0.10 mm
Inlet Valve (Metric)
0.05 mm
Fuel System
Carburettor Type
Main Jet
Pilot Jet
Carburettor Brand
Needle Jet
Needle Jet Type
Timing and Ignition
Spark Plug
Spark Plug Resistance
Static Timing
13°±1° before TDC
HT Coil Primary Resistance
0.1 - 1.0 ohm
HT Coil Secondary Resistance (with cap)
7-12 k-ohms
HT Coil Secondary Resistance
3-5 k-ohms
Gear Ratios
Power Output
Rated Max. Power
2.2 kW
7500 min-1
Handling and Suspension
Fork Oil Volume
48 ml per leg
Fork Oil Grade
Brake Fluid Grade
Engine Oil Grade
SAE 10W-40
Engine Oil Volume
800 ml
Gearbox Oil Grade
Gearbox Oil Volume
100 ml
Engine Settings
Idle Speed
1600±100 min-1
Bore x Stroke
39mm x 41.5mm
Compression Ratio
Norm. Compression
150 psi
Tyre Pressures
Front Tyre
29 psi
Rear Tyre
32 psi

This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Pulse Scout 49 Gallery

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This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Pulse Scout 49 360° View

No flash
This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Pulse Scout 49 Media

A trip down south

A trip down south

Published Nov 1, 2011
Reproduced courtesy of

This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Pulse Scout 49 Reviews


Submitted Oct 19, 2015
by gareth price RHONNDA CYNON TAFF

Fantastic Bike! I got it for my birthday for my first bike! I can easily get 100mpg out of it on the super unleaded that you can buy in the UK. It is quite a nippy little bike easily making its top speed of about 31 mph. Only problem I have had with it is how slow it is up hills! It only seems to go 20mph up hills which is quite frustrating when a line of traffic is behind you.
Overall I would give this bike a 8 out of 10 because of its practicality and nippiness on straights.
(I have also noticed a speed limiter when you are going downhill which is annoying as at 16 you kind of want to be going fast down hills)

Submitted Nov 4, 2014
by Jak Anderson Lincolnshire

I have owned my Pulse Scout 49cc scooter for six months now. I bought it
as a means of commuting as cheaply as possible between my home and the
centre of Bristol. The Pulse Scout is a well made scooter and a strong
build. It has both an electric starter and a kick start. The electric
starter works best if you apply a little thottle at the same time as
pressing the starter.

Once started it ticks over on the automatic choke until warmed up. The
engine is reasonably quiet for a moped of this size and on the road it
is responsive and nippy. It is a little underpowered on hills or
inclines but that is not unusual for this type of moped. I weigh in at
15 stones and it copes with me quite well. It has more than enough power
for the built up roads of Bristol where I live and in the City it would
be unlikely that you could ever get to 30 mph in any vehicle, let alone
this scooter. In Bristol, bikes and scooters etc are allowed to use bus
lanes which speeds up the journey enormously and of course parking is
often free in most places for scooters. A journey from my house into the
centre of Bristol, 6 miles, by car in the rush hour can take 45-60
minutes crawling in traffic. On the Pulse Scout the same journey takes
20 minutes!!!

It has a 6.5 litre fuel tank with the lockable filler cap toward the
rear of the seat. This volume of unleaded petrol will last for ages and
give a good return on mpg if the scooter is ridden economically.

The seat is lockable and underneath has a storage space for tools, locks
etc but it is a little on the small side to take a full face crash
helmet. There is a small storage space below the front handlebars for
documents or small items and a useful plastic hook to secure a bag.
The indicator and horn switches are on the left hand side and the
starter and lights switch on the right. Gauges include a speedo on
principally kilometres but also mile per hour and a petrol guage which
pretty much reflects what is in the tank though its recommended that you
check the miles and look inside the tank as the guage does tend to drop
very quickly. Front disc brakes and rear drum brakes are adequate to
provide safe braking.

There is space on the rear to fix a back box if required and some
companies supply windshields which fix using the mirror screw holes.

These are a good idea as anything which reduces drag is going to
increase speed and fuel economy.

Tyres are small but robust and suspension average for this model. It is
advised that you look ahead and try to avoid any large potholes. The
seat is reasonably comfortable but being of a plastic material does
become a little slippery. The bike has two stands. A firm stand and a
temporary lean stand. My advice is to never use the latter and only put
it on its firm stand, otherwise in a gust of wind it will fall over.

It is 1660 mm by 663mm which is small and it will fit easily into a
small space in any garage.

Dont be fooled by this scooter. It is a nippy little beastie and I
thoroughly recommend anyone riding one to get some proper protective
kit, jacket, trousers, boots and of course a must, gloves.

I have enjoyed this scooter so much that i have given it to my son to
commute into work and I have just bought myself a second identical one.

Submitted Aug 5, 2013
by Graeme Wakerley Bristol

I have owned my Pulse Scout 49 for just under a year and it has been a brilliant first scooter. The Scout's engine is nippy and very smooth, it soon gets up to the top speed of 30mph which is fast enough for any town traffic. As the scooter is so light it is really easy to ride making it a pleasure to commute on, and makes filtering easy. Don't let the physical size of the bike put you off as I am 6ft and 15 stone and the bike is great for me.
I can get around 100 miles on £5 of fuel, and insurance is cheap at £300 for me as a first time rider. (16 years old)
I have also fitted a universal windscreen from Chinese Motorcycle Parts Online for £25 and makes the scooter even better to ride as you encounter a lot less drag. This was simple to fit and makes a brilliant addition to the bike.

I have covered 2700 km's and looking forward to many more happy miles on my Pulse Scout 49.

Submitted Jul 1, 2013
by Ashley Marshall Scarborough, North Yorkshire

This product is discontinued and no longer available to order

Pulse Scout 49 Downloads

Pulse Scout Brochure

Pulse Scout Brochure

Created: Jan 28, 2014
Size: 834 KB
Pulse 2012 Range

Pulse 2012 Range

Created: Jan 11, 2012
Size: 6.6 MB
Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram

Created: Aug 30, 2012
Size: 225 KB

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